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Enabling the era of next generation SDN

Stratum is an open source project to develop a reference implementation for white box switches supporting all next generation SDN interfaces. It will provide a silicon-independent switch operating system that allows a switch to be controlled by a local or remote Network OS (NOS) via P4, P4Runtime and OpenConfig.

Stratum avoids the vendor lock-in of today’s data planes (i.e. proprietary silicon interfaces and closed software APIs) and enables easy integration of devices into operator networks.

The Stratum project broadens the scope of SDN to include full lifecycle control, configuration and operations interfaces.

Envisioned as a key software component of SDN solutions of the future, Stratum implements the latest SDN-centric northbound interfaces, including P4, P4Runtime, gNMI/OpenConfig, and gNOI. It does not embed control protocols, but instead is designed to support either an external Network OS or to work with NOS functions running on the same embedded switch.

Stratum: Open Source Thin Switch Implementation

  • Diving Shoes Men Mesh Women Padded Skin Socks Aqua Breathable Water Yoga For Socks Flops Flip Great Drying Pool Shoes Quick Beach Swim Surf Shoes Black Sandal Summer Beach Kingwo Open source streamlined implementation for a thin switch implementing next generation SDN interfaces
  • Defines a “contract” defining precisely the forwarding behavior supported by the data plane, expressing this in the P4 language
  • Network OS can be external (for SDN scenarios) or embedded in the same switch when used in traditional switch/router implementations

Supports full lifecycle control and management, including:

  • Configuration
  • Control
  • Operations
  • Optional pipeline programmability

Stratum will be designed to support a variety of use cases including:


Leverage Stratum in Custom SDN Networks.  Google is committed to production deployment of Stratum leveraging this use case.


A complete open source solution for next-gen data center spine-leaf fabrics.

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Increase scalability and cost efficiency of edge clouds with VNFs in the P4 fabric.


Replicate “traditional” management & control using Stratum on an embedded controller within the same switch.

Cloud Providers

Telecom Operators

Yoga Sandal Socks Drying Padded Beach Breathable Shoes Men For Swim Kingwo Water Pool Mesh Women Shoes Summer Skin Diving Great Black Flops Quick Flip Beach Surf Shoes Aqua Socks Networking Vendors

White Box ODM Vendors

Silicon Vendors

Other Open Source Projects

The Stratum project is in its
incubation phase and the source code repository is open only to members.

To join the project, a minimum commitment of one full time engineering (FTE) resource is required. For more information or to let us know how you would like to contribute, please fill out the contact form.

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