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The new Strato 1.6 released summer 2015 sports new enhanced features such as more customised fields and improved search options in the Strato EXPLORER views. Get a quick introduction to the most significant upgrades here. 

Word or Excel? Strato embraces it all and offers customisable templates

New inspirational templates can be used as they are or modified into customised templates. These templates are intended for internal reports as well as letters to clients and will help optimise the follow-up communication with clients. You can easily export the templates into Word or Excel in order to change the layout or add graphics.

Read more about templates and smart features in Strato.

Martens Dr 2976 Boots Black Smooth Chelsea Customise your experience with new Client Custom Fields

Strato is an office management system that lets you adjust various settings to suit your business needs. An easy and intuitive process lets you create your own client custom fields in a few steps. Choose between three different field types; Text, Single selection, or Multiple selection. 

Find what you need – fast!

New search filters in the Client EXPLORE module will provide more accurate and fast search results. In Strato 1.6 several new fields enable you to enter more information about your clients. These new fields are also available in the search function, which expands your options when you need to identify segments or single clients.  

Boots Chelsea Dr Smooth 2976 Black Martens Work smarter, not harder with Strato Client EXPLORE

Using Strato Client EXPLORE you can for example chose to find all clients having an appointment one of the upcoming days by using a certain date or date range specified by you. Or you can find all clients who had their last fitting for example last year.

If you need to, you can even define your own fields enabling you to find for example all clients living at a specific nursery home. Naturally, you also have the option of exporting any data to excel for further statistical analysis.

Handle your communication with just a few mouse-click

The optimised search functionality is particularly useful, when you need to send letters to specific clients or a group of clients, based on the search parameters. The Strato Mail Merge function will provide you with already predefined templates – or let you create your own.

Request Strato trial

Are you not yet a Strato customer? Request a trial version here and experience for yourself the benefits of a dynamic and intuitive Office Management System for hearing care professionals.

Get your own trial here!

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